Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mason's story

Mason will be turning nine years old in February. He was recently diagnosed with Long QT syndrome Type 3, a rare congenital heart defect. This condition can result in sudden cardiac arrest. Mason is a patient at St. Vincent Children's Heart Center.

His doctor has prescribed an at home defibrillator. In the event that he would develop a life threatening arrhythmia, this would save his life. The doctor has stated that he also needs one on site to play basketball and engage in other physical activities.

We submitted a claim for this medical device to the insurance company and they denied it, three times. Insurance has suggested that as an alternative to the home defibrillator we have an ICD placed.  This is a surgically implanted device that would require a maintenance surgery every 5 years.  There are risks to this and the doctor does not feel this is the best choice for Mason at this time.

We are now turning to fundraising online to raise money for the medical equipment Mason needs. This will ensure his safety at home and during physical activities, that he would be otherwise restricted from participating in.

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  1. You guys are in my thoughts, Rebecca. Sending loving thoughts to you and Mason.