Saturday, January 7, 2012

News from Friday

I intended to post an update yesterday, but fell asleep at the end of the long day instead! 

Yesterday was a busy day.  I continued the fight against the insurance company by calling the Indiana state commissioner's office and filing a formal complaint against the insurance company.  I also contacted Senator Vi Simpson.

Mason completed his 24 hour heart monitoring.  We sent the equipment back.  His doctor will have a look at the data and call us next week to let us know how he is doing and whether or not he thinks the heart medicine is working for him.

Thanks to Kevin Bryan  for donating his time and skills to CPR train our family.  He did an awesome job.  We feel much more prepared to respond in the event of a cardiac emergency with Mason.

Thanks to Jamie Oberste-Vorth for delivering pizza to us.  It was perfect timing and a special treat for the kids after CPR training ended.

Thank you to those that have sent donations for Mason's equipment.   We are hoping to raise about $2,000.00.  The AED alone may be $1500, depending on if I can get it on sale.  I did see one on sale the other day for less.  It will depend on what price I can find one for once we get some funds raised. 

Thank you to the following people for your donations:

Alana Johnson
Amy Houser
Kristin Rensner
Lori Davis
Teresa Nering

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