Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Stress can make you.....

A few of the crazies of experienced lately:

Stress can make you:

 ......suddenly misspell words, you really do know how to spell, like quote.  Then you have to edit yourself.

......decide to start making dinner in the crock-pot, then leave your house to go to the store with half the dinner in the pot, half on the table, and nothing turned on.

....find yourself at the store with no idea why you're there

....laugh and cry in the same breath

.....repeat yourself, multiple times, and have no idea why people are looking at you oddly

.....have wars with a quarter machine, trying to get a tiny rubber turtle for your kid and then when you can't you feel like crying, then laugh because you know you're being ridiculous, especially since you never ever get stuff out of those machines! 

....lose control of your house- you notice when you can't see the table anymore

.....decide everything has to stop so you can clean the house because it's the only thing you can control

.....decide you can take three dogs out on leashes at the same time and find yourself totally tangled in dogs and leashes in the yard

.....feel the need to control a simple card game, because you can

......become so distracted you make beef jerky for dinner, unintentionally

.....forget your vehicle needs gas to run

.....drive to town in your pajamas, not having remembered to get dressed



  1. This cracked me up! But I'm sorry you're so stressed!

  2. Yep stress sucks but this was supposed to be funny, thought I would lighten the mood. When we can't do anything else, we can at least laugh at ourselves.